Blue Commonwealth Will Support the Nominee

We've had a lot of conversation between the Blue Commonwealth front pagers about the need to ensure that everyone who reads here and posts here understands that we will fight to a) Keep the Governor's office in the hands of a Democrat; and b) keep Democratic seats in the hands of Democrats; and c) fight to capture Republican seats in the upcoming election. So to that end:

We, the undersigned do hereby commit to and affirm the following:

Great 2008, 2009 begins to take shape!

In 2008, Virginia Democrats accomplished great things. For the first time in 44 years, our state went Democratic. How wonderful that we went blue for the first time in 44 years to make Barack Obama our 44th President. In January, Virginia will have two Democratic United States Senators and a 6-5 majority in our House delegation. Mission accomplished!

Scope for 2009: Your mission as VA Democrats, should you choose to accept it, is to maintain the Governor's mansion, Defeat Bill Bolling, win the Attorney General's seat and take back our House of Delegates for the people of this Commonwealth. Momentum is on our side, but history is not. It has been that the party that wins the White House, loses the Governor's race in the following year. But, we are Virginia Democrats, and in Virginia, anything is possible. Our work is cut out for us and there is no time to waste. McDonnell and the Republican slime machine is gearing up for a nasty year. Sleazeball politics will be at its best. Let us stay above the fray. We are Virginia Democrats, we dont play thier games. We play the peoples game and campaign on issues.

I'm ready to win, and continue the legacy that Mark Warner helped start seven years ago. Lets get to it!

I would finally like to wish everyone a safe a happy holiday season!