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"Are you really tired of liberal elitists defeating your values, diminishing your freedoms, and stealing your money?" [enthusiastic cheers from the crowd]

Taking a seat in the Regency Ballroom of the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC for the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference, this is what I heard from Lori Roman of She started her organization to "hold the liberal elitists accountable" for "doing things in your home town or home state." It's a democratic ("SMALL d," she emphasized) website where people can post their latest outrage, and take action. And they've "trained" talk radio hosts to go there for stories.

I see banter on my website... Sometimes people ask: Does it really matter? It does matter. It matters when we shut down the [Congressional] switchboard... Sometimes it feels like the liberal elitists are trampling over you every day... Remember, we are our only hope. We have to use every venue we can. There's more of us than them. We need to fight back!
Thanks to Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin, they're listening to Regular Folks... I said to myself, 'I want those bitter, gun-and-religion-clinging folks on my site.'

The Rage of the Impotent Right

The rise of right-wing media has been a coordinated effort to ensure that out-of-the-mainstream opinions and viewpoints always have a place in the media landscape. The Heritage Foundation works to ensure that no writer ever has an excuse not to present the conservative viewpoint.

The principle of "balance", as in FOX News' Orwellian "Fair and Balanced" creed, is a nihlist effort to give voice to right-wing opinion even when at odds with truth, fact, or the support of the American people. Meanwhile, with the rare exception of the Brit-nerdy George Will, the overwhelming majority of right-wing columnists focus on a southern strategy hate-stoking demagoguery. From Rush, Coulter, Hannity and the Buchanan twins to Ronald Reagan during his pre-presidential run as a syndicated columnist the right creates a ditto-head nation of bigoted jabber through the support structure of a myriad of think tanks, funding mechanisms, and media outlets including print, radio, online, and broadcast.

The sum total of the billions of dollars and oceans of black ink invested in promoting the right-wing point of view, has been a rage-filled working class, whipped up by a crowd of ivy league elites making media millions. So, it's no mistake when one of the right wing's most vitriolic outlets, the New York Post prints a repugnant racist piece tailored to bring chuckles to the topic of the murder of our first African American president.

Rest assured, the right will not back away from promoting hate. It's their bread and butter. The right will not apologize. That would be interpreted by their own members as impotence, just as the rage of the right is interpreted as impotence by the wide mainstream of the American people.

Anti-Tom Bias at the Franklin News-Post?

Check out this article from today's Franklin News-Post about Congressman Perriello's vote to reauthorize S-CHIP.

Media Watch: The Media Honeymoon that Wasn’t.

Time was when a newly sworn in president got a real “honeymoon.” In recent times, however, George W. Bush is the only one of last three presidents (including our current one) who got one. Just as Bill Clinton before him, Barack Obama got less than 24 hours. There’s a different standard for Dems, you see. And both the so-called liberal media (SCLM) and the GOP are fast at work letting us know that any honeymoon request will be swiftly denied. But what is worse is that this is the same press which took a protracted hike during all but the last year of the Bush administration.

My Two Cents: A Metaphor for What’s Wrong With Our Nation’s Failed Economy

In a story unfortunately relegated to The Current (New River Valley Supplement) section of the Roanoke Times (December 13, 2008), we learn from reporter Tim Thornton that yet another university, this time Radford, has fallen for the notion that wealthy or corporate benefactors should dictate university business curricula. In a strings-attached world, some universities would be better off running for cover. And, because of the story's implications for the future health of our economy, it’s a subject that should not be buried in The Current.