Did Commonwealth's Attorney Arrange Opponent's Firing?

Harvey Bryant, Virginia Beach's Commonwealth's Attorney has a challenger. And this morning that challenger is cleaning out his desk after being released from his position with the Portsmouth Commonwealth's Attorney's office. Mark Hardman, who announced he will be running for the Virginia Beach position has a lot more time to campaign.

Hardman recently announced that he will be running as an Independent against Harvey Bryant. Employed in the office Harvey Bryant requested to act as special prosecutor in the investigation of the notorious Sessoms/Obama flyers, he was informed by Earle Mobley that this presented a situation that would prohibit Hardman's continued service, or words to this effect. Bryant and Mobley are associated with local Republicans.

Military-Industrial-Congressional Corruption

Peppered throughout Larry Wilkerson’s wide ranging comments in Williamsburg were references showing his disdain for the diminution of ethics in public service. Wilkerson has extended Eisenhower’s perception of the tentacles of influence to include the Congress. “What we need are more people who can stand against power without being corrupted.”

He told of being at Penn State University a couple of weeks ago. When he finished, a woman in the back stood up and she asked “Well, what can we do? What can we do?” And, because he had just finished talking about the military-industrial complex, and how much money that is bleeding off taxpayers, “I said, well one thing you can do is get rid of John Murtha. I know John Murtha, John Murtha is a good guy. John Murtha is so profane that he used to get out of HUMMVEES when we’d take him on a CODEL and he would curse everything in sight. John Murtha is a former Marine, but John Murtha is corrupt as hell. And you cannot deal with the military-industrial-congressional complex today…which as Eisenhower said in 1961, we should be very aware of, and very vigilant about…you can’t deal with it without recognizing that when you have someone like that, you need to get rid of him.”

Governor Tim Kaine: Pay to Play

There is a disturbing report today in Bloomberg News about the financial ethics of our Governor -- and, importantly, future head of the Democratic National Committee -- Tim Kaine.

I encourage everyone to read the whole piece, but here are a few choice grafs:

Kaine, 50, is the chairman of the Southern Governors’ Association, a group that raises money from tobacco, oil, energy and pharmaceutical companies in exchange for access to governors and other state officials.

The donors include more than 60 associations, trade groups and companies, including tobacco giants Altria Group Inc. and Lorillard Tobacco Company, Pfizer Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corp. Participants in the group’s Corporate Affiliates Program also include mortgage lender Freddie Mac, which was taken over by the federal government last year, and General Motors Corp., which is among automakers being rescued by the government.


The Web site also lays out the benefits of sponsorship for companies or their lobbyists.

Richmond, Virginia-based Altria, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, is a Gold Level member, entitling the company to four invitations to a “private reception” with the governors at the group’s annual meeting, preferred seating with at least one governor at the meeting’s dinner, invitations to quarterly breakfasts attended by the governors’ staff advisory committee emissaries, and invitations to periodic Washington “‘coffee breaks’ with governors.”

A spokesman for Altria, Bill Phelps, said the company sends lobbyists to SGA functions as “part of our efforts to engage in public-policy efforts that affect our business.”

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