Quo Vadimus?

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Quo vadimus?

Latin for “where are we going,” it’s a question that should be floating around many offices on Capitol Hill. For freshman Democrat Tom Perriello, the challenge is even more daunting. Tom promised a different kind of politics on the trail through the Fifth, a promise he followed through on by staying above Virgil Goode’s false, negative attack ads. The old kind of politics that Goode had waged in his 12 years in office was most notable for his tendency to secure appropriations earmarks for certain community projects, giving him the opportunity to go to a ribbon-cutting and drum up goodwill, and then quietly vote against the federal programs that would make those projects last long into the future.

Tom faces the difficult task of not getting sucked into Goode’s old, tired tactics, while still getting himself the notoriety within the district that will get him reelected so he can keep fighting the good fight. With his seat on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, he’s well positioned to provide Southside and the Danville/Martinsville corridor with the framework they need for future economic development. Below are two short-term and two long-term initiatives that will both do real good, more than just a Band-Aid fix, and give Tom the chance to stand beside “his” projects in the District.

Kaine Says Va Projects Ready-to-Go , Fits Obama Plans

Gov. Tim Kaine says Virginia is ready to break fast, right out the gate, as soon as the proposed Federal economic stimulus funding is available, as outlined by President Elect Obama in his weekly media address today.

"Today in his radio address, he discussed his plan to provide for significant investment in critical infrastructure projects, such as road and transit construction, bridge repairs, energy efficiency upgrades, and school repairs. His plan will put people to work and give the economy a critically important boost.

“Moreover, the President-elect’s 'use-it-or-lose-it' approach for infrastructure investment, requiring that infrastructure funds be used immediately on projects that are ready to go, makes sense. This ensures that the work will begin on these long-term investments and thousands of new jobs will be created quickly. Here in Virginia, we have more than a billion dollars in ready-to-go bridge, highway, rail, transit, port and airport projects that have been through appropriate local, regional and state planning processes and that can be under contract within 180 days.

"I have been fighting to restore Virginia's infrastructure since I became Governor in 2006, and I am so gratified that President-elect Obama understands the important value of these investments, especially given the current economic climate across the country and here in Virginia.

Gov. Tim Kaine's full statement below the fold