Jody Wagner

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UPDATED: "Moderate" Bob McDonnell & all statewide candidates should condemn this filth

Every once in a while, the vile underbelly of hate and bigotry rears its head in unexpected places in politics, as in life. The recent threats and disgusting hate speech used in an anonymous blog against Lieutenant Governor candidate Pat Edmonson is heinous on an order of magnitude we haven't seen expressed so openly in a long time. The following excerpt from the inaugural post on the lovely and inspiring (please note the sarcasm) web site, aptly named STOP PAT EDMONSON.

March 13 - Does Brian Moran's Mt. Vernon Straw Poll win really mean anything?

As most of us know by now, Brian Moran won the Mount Vernon Straw Poll win over Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe on February 22, but does the win really mean much.

It's kind of a yes and no answer really. Straw Polls are usually pointless as far as predicting votes, but are always taken by the media to be a new accurate poll.

But let's talk about how meaningful this win would be in courting the NoVa region in the primary. Moran won the straw poll with 83 votes to Creigh Deeds's second place showing of 43. But how accurate is that?

March 10 - Lieut. Gov. Race Analysis (DEM - Primary)

Hey everyone. I'm back for more analyzing of the 2009 Virginia elections. This time I'm analyzing the Lieut Gov Race.

Note: I am not nor do I claim to be an expert of the subject. The polls are out there for anyone to look at and make educated guesses and since no one seems to be doing that at this point, I am.

Before we start, the field of candidates is as follows:
- Jon Bowerbank (South-West Virginia)
- Pat Edmonson (Virginia Beach)
- Michael Signer (Arlington*)
- Jody Wagner (Virginia Beach)

Brigades Strategy Meeting with guests Creigh Deeds and Jody Wagner

(promoted by FXBAmy)

Thanks to the over 50 members who attended this great event!
Also thanks to our visitors Chap Petersen, Karyn Moran, Liz Griffith and Rex Simmons.

Below is a summary of Deeds' speech and question-and-answer session, and I'll create a separate post on Jody Wagner and our discussion on a strategy for a Democratic majority in the House of Delegates.

Jody Wagner - Ready to Lead

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Why is it that we spent so much time asking if Sarah Palin would be ready to be President, but no one asks if Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor candidates are ready to be Governor?  True, the Virginia Governor doesn’t get the “nuclear football” and no Lt. Governor candidate has become Governor through a vacancy in the last 100 years (if ever).  Nevertheless,  there is “no higher honor” than being Governor of the Commonwealth and our Lt. Governor candidate has to be ready to lead through these tough times should a vacancy occur. 

Jody Wagner Was On The Inside Scoop (With Video)

This is crossposted at Left of the Hill

As I have mentioned before, I am in the studio almost every Sunday to watch the taping of The Inside Scoop Virginia (I have also been a guest on the show to talk about economic justice issues and blogging). This week's guest was Jody Wagner who is one of the Democratic Candidates for Lt. Governor.

The show's format allows for people to call in and ask questions, which usually leads to a caller or two during each hour long show. Last night, however, there were a large number of people who either left comments on the shows website, emailed in questions, and called into the studio to ask their question on the air. This is worth mentioning because I think it helps to illustrate how there is an interest in the race for LG even in the relatively early stages.

I had asked for a specific example of a policy Jody had promoted or work she had done during her time with the Warner and Kaine Administrations. My reasoning behind this question was that I have heard a lot about how she had experience, but wanted a specific example of what that work actually was and how it prepared her to be Lt. Governor. Towards the end of the show (at the 50 minute 40 second mark), Jody got asked my question and spoke about her role in some legislation surrounding higher education. I thought she picked a good example of her work and, as I told her last night, look forward to seeing her talk more about these specifics as she continues on the campaign trail.

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This Week's Inside Scoop TV Shows Sun. 2/15 & Mon. 2/16 UPDATED

Inside Scoop Sunday
February 15th, 2009 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM EST
"Meet the Candidate – Jody Wagner"

The URL for this complete 58 minute show:

George Burke hosted this Inside Scoop Virginia show with his guest, Jody Wagner, one of the five current Democratic Primary candidates for the office of Lieutenant Governor. Jody is from the Tidewater area of the state and was one of the first to announce her candidacy. She has accumulated an impressive number of endorsements and substantial campaign financing.

Inside Scoop Monday
February 16th, 2009 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM EST
"Israel vs Hamas and those caught in the middle"

The URL for this complete 58 minute show:

Mark Levine hosted a show two weeks ago that stimulated a lot comments and dialogue. Mark’s guest this week was Yousef Munayyer, from the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee to add some balance on these ever so complex and important issues.

More Information and where to view these shows follows…….
As well as Watch them "Live" and post comments in the Ustream Chat Room

Jody Wagner talks about Her Vision if elected

Talking with Jody Wagner, one cannot help but be impressed with just how comfortable she is with her plans as Lt. Governor, and just how intensely focused she is. Reconciling Business with Labor issues is one way she wants to keep Virginia at the forefront.

Jody spent a few minutes last night to talk with me about her campaign and issues foremost on her mind.

(Forgive the poor audio, it's really hard to find a quiet spot in the middle of several hundred people!)

Farm Team Endorses Wagner

Photo courtesy of

The Mary Sue Terry-led women’s organization announced its endorsement of Jody Wagner in the LG race today. According to their blog, they decided at Monday's statewide meeting to support Wagner. I wasn’t at this meeting and I’m interested from hearing from folks who were because I understand Wagner caused some concern among the membership.

Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor of Virginia

There are many signs of positive change on the national horizon. Some, especially the Inauguration this January 20th, we can hardly wait for. One of the more hopeful signs that the change we seek may be enduring, even in Virginia, is the vibrant candidacy of Jody Wagner for Lieutenant Governor. Tonight, Montgomery County(VA) Democrats) received another visit from Jody. And again, they really liked what they heard.

Downside for Virginia Republicans in the Budget Debate

Doubtlessly, Virginia Republicans would enjoy making hay of the current budget shortfall, but at least some of them realize that there is substantial downside to that tactic. In less than two weeks the General Assembly convenes with hard economic times driving the top of the agenda and the record shortfall threatening many sacred cows, truth in sentencing among them.

”“Well obviously (6% growth) wasn’t going to happen. I don’t think anybody believed that was going to happen, either on the finance team or anybody in appropriations or finance in the House or the Senate. But with the economy we saw coming down the pike, it seemed unlikely we were going to grow by 6.3%.”
Delegate Sal Iaquinto (R-Virginia Beach)

Although tempting to use the projected budget shortfall to set the stage for the fall campaign, the reality is that any claim that the Governor should have known that the revenue projections were optimistic can be cast against most of the Republicans. The current budget passed the House of Delegates almost unanimously while the Senate vote reflected a political maneuver falling along party lines rather than reflecting any principled opposition. No Republican raised the revenue projection as an issue during the budget process. Further, at that time, the Republican party line was that the US economy was the strongest in history, making claims that revenue projections were known to be too optimistic fallacious; though that hasn’t kept Virginia Republicans from taking positions in the past.

Wagner at Fredericksburg Regional Dems Breakfast

Jody Wagner made an impressive debut in the Rappahannock region this morning.

Speaking at the Fredericksburg Regional Democratic Breakfast, Secretary Wagner went over her bio and experience in Virginia politics, and took questions from the group. Members of the Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania committees attended, including former chairs Scott Walker, Tres Seaver, and Alane Callander, as well as newly minted Commonwealth's Attorney LaBravia Jenkins and former Congressional candidate Ted Hontz. Jody said she was relieved to finally be able to campaign, as she didn't want to divert any attention away from Barack Obama in 2008.

Virginia Beach Democratic Committee Celebrates

The Virginia Beach Democratic Committee held a spirited annual Holiday Party and legislative send off this evening. The event had a significant addition in Representative-elect Glenn Nye (VA-2nd) who was introduced to members as a candidate for the first time by Susan Mariner at the same party a year ago. Glenn outlined the initiatives he anticipates playing a role supporting as the Congress sets the conditions necessary for President-elect Obama to act quickly after his inauguration. High among the important matters he discussed was an economic stimulus package. Senator Ralph Northam of Norfolk and Delegate Bobby Mathieson of Virginia Beach made brief remarks and John Lacombe, candidate for delegate in the 81st district explained why he chose to contest that seat in an election set for 6 January, 2009.

Senator Ralph Northam, Terry McAuliffe, and Jody Wagner In addition to the food, drinks, and elected officials, Virginia Beach’s own Jody Wagner, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Terry McAuliffe, at the end of a daylong swing through the Eastern Shore and into Hampton Roads on his listening tour, were there to mix it up with the crowd. As the Committee Chair, Ollie Bates, told the group, it wasn’t so long ago that the event could have been held in a phone booth. The Blue Tide rising in Virginia Beach is now at a level that this event is outgrowing its venue of recent years, the home of a local committee member.

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Jody Wagner’s Three B’s

PhotobucketJody Wagner spoke to the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee membership this morning emphasizing her main concerns: the state transportation system and workforce development. “We have got to do the three B’s,” she said, ”Beat Bill Bolling” She argues he won’t work in the right direction on either of these issues.

Unlike too many Chief Financial Officers in the private sector of late, Jody Wagner has left her service in the Warner and Kaine administrations with the state in better fiscal condition than she found it. Mark Warner brought her into statewide politics by guiding her into the position as Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia, then into his administration he when he became governor in 2002, appointing her as state treasurer. In that position she was responsible for investing the state’s cash, issuing the debt, and managing a variety of different programs

Virginia’s AAA bond rating has been recently reaffirmed

Then Governor-elect Warner’s guidance was to not lose the AAA credit rating Virginia has had since 1938. During the transition, Governor Gilmore’s treasurer handed her a trade journal for the municipal bond industry containing an article that assessed a negative outlook for Virginia. She was at the forefront of the administration’s effort to explain to the General Assembly the fiscal situation that required an increase in revenues. Maintaining the bond rating is important for local governments because the cities’ cannot be any higher than the state’s rating.

LaCombe & Wagner make their case at VBDC breakfast

John Lacombe & Jody WagnerJohn Lacombe and Jody Wagner spoke to attendees of the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee breakfast on December 13th, 2008; each defining who they are and making their case for why they should be elected in their respective races.

Field Report - DPVA Meet Up in Cville

That 'ol rooster over at Coarse Cracked Corn gives a good first person report on the DPVA meeting in Charlottesville this weekend.

To the east in Charlottesville, that liberal hatchery, the Democratic Party of Virginia was meeting with a far more festive atmosphere. Announcements of inaugural events, smiles, cheers, pats on the back were all the order of the day.

more below the fold...

The Farm Team Fields a Major Player - Jodi Wagner for Lt Gov

Former Virgina AG, Mary Sue Terry, is supporting efforts to develop more bench strength for Virginia Democratic female political leaders, through a program dubbed The Farm Team.

Their first major player to take the field will be Jodi Wagner, former Treasurer of Virginia and Secretary of Finance, as a candidate for Lt. Governor in 2009.

full post at Coarse Cracked Corn