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Tomorrow night in Williamsburg Ken Cuccinelli, John Brownlee, and David Foster are vying for the distinguished honor of either a) losing to Steve Shannon in November or b) serving less than four years as Attorney General so they can concentrate on running for Governor in 2013, just like Bob McDonnell, Jerry Kilgore, Mark Earley, and Jim Gilmore in the last four consecutive elections.

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The future of the commonwealth is in your hands. No pressure though.

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Senator Cuccinelli Offers His Regrets

Senator Cuccinelli (R- 37th) explained his vote against Senator Barker’s (D- 39th) SB 1501 and it is worth sharing. You see, his opposition to the bill was a principled point of order. The bill was patroned by a member of the wrong committee or something. As an aspiring advocate for the people of Virginia in the role of Attorney General, it is comforting to know that he will ensure that the bureaucracy will be respected and that procedural complexity will be employed to mitigate progress. But someone should explain to him that the Governor does not pass bills.

His expression of concern for the feelings of families on the wait list will certainly make up for this temporary interruption of his support for them.

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Field Report - DPVA Meet Up in Cville

That 'ol rooster over at Coarse Cracked Corn gives a good first person report on the DPVA meeting in Charlottesville this weekend.

To the east in Charlottesville, that liberal hatchery, the Democratic Party of Virginia was meeting with a far more festive atmosphere. Announcements of inaugural events, smiles, cheers, pats on the back were all the order of the day.

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