Liz Griffith

Liz Griffith for Fairfax County School Board

So here’s the deal – this Tuesday (3/10), voters in Fairfax County’s Braddock District can move the County Board forward by electing a Harvard-educated School Board veteran, Ilryong Moon , as the County Board’s first Asian-American Supervisor. If they are wise enough to do so, Braddock then gets a chance at a two-for-one special – Moon as their Supervisor, and Braddock’s Liz Griffith as his School Board replacement.

Her leadership among Democrats includes serving as a member of the FCDC Steering Committee and serving as one of the first leaders of the Brigades group of former Webb volunteers. But besides being a good Dem, she is also well suited to the School Board. Her experience includes a PhD in Political Science, four children who have attended Fairfax County Public Schools, and work as a high school teacher, former PTSA President and Program Director of a children’s summer arts camp. She is currently active on the School Board's Human Relations Advisory Committee, serving as chair of its Communication Subcommittee.

Liz went out on a limb for the Democrats 2 years ago, challenging an incumbent Republican on the School Board in her very first race – and coming only 153 votes shy of victory. She is well known among Democratic volunteers in Virginia for her enthusiastic and energetic work on the Webb and Obama campaigns. For Obama, she helped set up the volunteer leadership team in Fairfax County, worked Hampton Roads, and for her efforts was elected an Alternate Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Denver.