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Inside Scoop Sunday
March 22nd, 2009 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM EDT
"Virginia Blogging - Update"

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George Burke, our Virginia Host and a prominent member of the "Print Media" lead a very active discussion with two prominent members of the NoVa Political blogs. Bryan Scrafford ( ), who has also been a contributor to the Inside Scoop shows several times previous and one of the younger but still long time members of the blogger community, Kenton Ngo ( )...... Note: there was some awesome activity in the chat-room during the live show where viewers can communicate among them selves and with the producers/show staff. A former grade school classmate of Kenton's showed up and then one of his 6th grade teachers as well. Several dozen watched the show via the web and about a dozen were active in the chat-room and on the phones.

Inside Scoop Monday
March 23rd, 2009 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM EDT
"Tax Away Those Bonuses!!"

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Mark Levine, our nationally syndicated talk radio/TV host, and Republican Strategist, Mike Lane went at it over AIG. Mark supports the 90% tax on bonuses of executives who are getting millions of dollars while their companies are on taxpayer life support. Mike does not support the tax.

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Our Obama Is Not a Populist

It's instructive how tone deaf Obama himself initially was to the populist dam burst the AIG bonuses were going to cause. He spent the early part of this past week playing catch up and defense. Larry Summers expressed on Sunday what likely was the president's view--irritated & grouchy but our hands are legally tied, yada yada yada.

Look, anyone looking for a public figure predisposed emotionally or intellectually to the populist style or manner should know by now to look elsewhere beyond Barack.

"Pitchfork" Ben Tilden he ain't.

McAuliffe Makes Dual Contribution Pledges

This week, in response to the AIG bonuses scandal Terry McAuliffe pledged not to take tainted campaign contributions:

"I won't accept any corporate or corporate PAC campaign contributions from any companies receiving federal bailout money."

Meanwhile, Terry also pledged not to take money from Dominion Power. Lowell writes.

House bill on AIG bonuses is understandable, but wrong

The House of Representatives' rush to tax the AIG bonuses at 90% expresses a true cry from the heart across the country against the bonuses. Fortunately for common sense and the rule of law, the Senate will probably dramatically cut back on the House's populist outrage. I may never say this again, but the Senate Republicans ultimately have it right. House Democrats may have gotten a catharsis, but they are ultimately wrong on changing confiscatory tax laws to tax income received before the tax law was changed.

Perriello Slams A.I.G.

Congressman Tom Perriello issued this response to news that A.I.G. paid "retention payments" to those who essentially drove the company into the proverbial toilet.