Straw Poll

Bob Holsworth of VCU reviews the St. Paddy's Day Straw Poll

Robert Holsworth of Virginia Commonwealth University is an important media voice on things political in Virginia. He is, after Larry Sabato, perhaps the most frequently quoted academic figure on Virginia politics. He also writes a column with his observations. Given all the discussion of the meaning, or lack thereof, of the straw poll at Gerry Connolly's St. Paddy's day event, I thought it might be worthwhile to draw people's attention to the piece. You can of course skip the rest of what I offer and go directly to St. Paddy’s Day in Fairfax: Endorsements and Straw Polls. Or you can go below the fold for some extracts and a bit of commentary from me, someone officially neutral in the race, with a working relationship with all 3 Democratic gubernatorial candidates, and friends committed to each of the three candidates. In any case, at least read Holsworth.

A Modest Proposal for T-Mac following the straw poll

(this is satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift, nothing more. I'm posting this because alot of people need to relax, take a deep breath, and look at the situation we are in and what the campaigns have been reduced too. So don't be a jerk about it. While I do support Brian, I'd be posting the same thing about him if he won)