Jeff Ahn

Senator Chap Peterson

State Senator John Chapman Peterson who is better known as "Chap" won his state senate seat back in November of 2007. It was reported by "The Fairfax Times" that Chap Peterson received a great amount of support from the Korean Community of Northern Virginia. The Fairfax Times wrote in their article of Chap Peterson's win that Mr. Jeff (Yong) Ahn helped secure the Korean vote for Peterson. According to Mr. Ahn, he contributed to the victory by voter's registration, working the phone banks, raising money and day to day campaigning.

Sorensen Institute

The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership is a complete joke and their program should not be taken seriously by any residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2005, this institute allowed a convicted felon to graduate from their political leadership program. The institute was previously informed about this particular man's criminal background and it still permitted him to participate in their program.