Quo Vadimus?

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Quo vadimus?

Latin for “where are we going,” it’s a question that should be floating around many offices on Capitol Hill. For freshman Democrat Tom Perriello, the challenge is even more daunting. Tom promised a different kind of politics on the trail through the Fifth, a promise he followed through on by staying above Virgil Goode’s false, negative attack ads. The old kind of politics that Goode had waged in his 12 years in office was most notable for his tendency to secure appropriations earmarks for certain community projects, giving him the opportunity to go to a ribbon-cutting and drum up goodwill, and then quietly vote against the federal programs that would make those projects last long into the future.

Tom faces the difficult task of not getting sucked into Goode’s old, tired tactics, while still getting himself the notoriety within the district that will get him reelected so he can keep fighting the good fight. With his seat on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, he’s well positioned to provide Southside and the Danville/Martinsville corridor with the framework they need for future economic development. Below are two short-term and two long-term initiatives that will both do real good, more than just a Band-Aid fix, and give Tom the chance to stand beside “his” projects in the District.

Moran picks up slew of endorsements in Arlington

From Jesse Ferguson at the Moran campaign:

ARLINGTON – During the last stop of Brian Moran’s Virginia Values Tour, the overwhelming majority of Arlington elected officials and Democratic leaders announced their support for him to be the next Governor of Virginia. Arlington County is the where Brian Moran started his public service career as a prosecutor two decades ago. The endorsers cited his proven record of leadership in Virginia and his strong, progressive record of fighting for Virginia families.
Arlington is one of the most Democratic counties in Virginia and critical to winning any competitive primary. Arlington helped Jim Webb win his 2006 primary and provided critical Democratic votes to Barack Obama in his 2008 election victory.
Endorsing Moran were:
• Board of Supervisors. Barbara Favola (Chair), Chris Zimmerman, and Walter Tejada;
• School Board. Ed Fendley (Chair), Libby Garvey, and Abby Raphael;
• Constitutional Officers. Ingrid Morroy (Commissioner of the Revenue), Paul Ferguson (Clerk of Court), Frank O’Leary (Treasurer), Dick Trodden (Commonwealth’s Attorney) and David Bell (former Clerk of Court);
• General Assembly. Delegates Bob Brink and Al Eisenberg, former Delegate Karen Darner and former Senator Ed Holland; and,
• Arlington Democratic Committee Chair Peter Rousselot. He joins the 8th District Democratic Chair, Margo Horner, who was previously announced.

More after the flip.......

Obama Gives Republicans Hope for Transportation Silver Lining

The economic stimulus package proposed by the incoming Obama administration may provide Virginia Republicans with a much needed out for the transportation issue. It seems that the anticipated hundreds of millions of dollars directed toward infrastructure improvement could defer coming to terms with the essential requirements for funding reform. Unlike other federal transportation money that requires matching funds or has other strings attached, this money could be an open grant. If it amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, it will likely put off any substantial work on solving the real issues despite the fact that that amount of money is not enough to fulfill the requirements of any one region of the state.

”I don’t now how transportation goes from being, just in the Governor’s mind, the number one issue for three years to not even being an issue on the fourth year.”
- Delegate Sal Iaquinto (R-Virginia Beach)

Tim Kaine - The Interview - Coming Soon

This is just a teaser to let you know that the Governor was kind enough sit down with and discuss a wide range of topics including his early endorsement of Barrack Obama, the future of Energy and Transportation policy in the commonwealth, and Blue Virginia. The Governor also broke the news of a series of major new environmental initiatives planned for the year ahead; told you it was a teaser.

We should have the video up in the next day or so. Developing....

It's Not Under, but It's Almost Over

They said this day would never come. Back in January, rail to Dulles was all but dead. Yet, incredible as it may seem, FTA today approved the first phase of the project.

A major hurdle has been cleared for the long-planned Metrorail expansion to Dulles International Airport.