Employee Free Choice Act

Miles Grant Hosts Event to Help Pass Employee Free Choice Act UPDATED

Arlington's 47th District in the House of Delegates is facing a heated Democratic primary race, but candidate Miles Grant (The Green Miles) is also using his campaign to help pass the Employee Free Choice Act. This Saturday at his Campaign HQ, Miles will host grassroots volunteers to meet with an SEIU organizer to discuss and write letters about this legislation to Senator Webb and Senator Warner. We will be writing letters to Senator Webb to cosponsor the Employee Free Choice Act and to Senator Warner to support it.

McDonnell Will Lie to Weaken Working Families

It's no surprise that Bob McDonnell is siding with corporate interests over workers and the American public in the fight over the coming Employee Free Choice act. So, it should also come as no surprise that McDonnell is content to lie to further the interests of his corporate supporters.

The use of the term "card check" is in itself a lie used to strengthen opposition to Employee Free Choice. Here's Rachel Maddow destroying the "card check" lie echoed by Chamber of Commerce stooges like McDonnell.

Will Sens. Warner & Webb Vote for the Employee Free Choice Act?

There are 222 co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) in the House of Representatives, meaning that passage there is a done deal. On the Senate side, where 60 votes are needed for cloture, only 40 Democrats have signed on as co-sponsors. Those 40 include unlikely names such as Joe Lieberman, Bill Nelson, and Tim Johnson (the latter two are from right-to-work states).

Mark Warner and Jim Webb are two of the 18 Democratic Senators who've yet to say whether or not they will vote for EFCA. As far as Sen. Warner goes, this is no big surprise. He was the only Democrat running for the Senate last year who never took a definitive position. Others, like Nebraska's Ben Nelson or Pryor & Lincoln from Arkansas (the land of Wal-Mart), you could also see coming.

Workers from Across Nation Lobby Congress to Get Economy Back on Track with Employee Free Choice Act

Workers from Across Nation Lobby Congress to Get Economy Back on Track with Employee Free Choice Act

Rep. Miller, Sen. Harkin introduce bill to make it easier for workers to bargain with employers for better wages and healthcare

On Tuesday, Congressman George Miller (D-CA), chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduced the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill to make it easier for workers to bargain with their employees for better wages and healthcare. At the same time, hundreds of workers from across the country descended on Washington to lobby their own Members of Congress on the importance of the bill. The workers, who represented more than 30 states and a number of unions, related their personal stories of being fired or harassed when they attempted to form a union, in addition to how forming a union could improve their lives and the products and services they provide.

More Richmond Times-Dispatch Stupidity

One has to look no further than this Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial to see just how low journalism, or what passes for journalism has sunk.

Cantor's effin' response

Cantor's effin' response:

Eric Cantor's office is responding to the AFSCME/UAC ad blitz with a 1970's-vintage AFCSME public service announcement that's been redubbed with an Andrew Dice Clay-type voice over touting the union's accomplishments in "picking up your f------ garbage."

"You could post this as my response," writes Cantor press secretary Brad Dayspring.

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GOP memo indicates vendetta against unions

90 million American workers are eligible to join unions. According to polls, 50-55% of them would join a union tomorrow if they could. However, business intimidates and fires 30,000 would be union organizers every year. Employee Free Choice would make it easier to organize and would NOT eliminate access to a secret ballot. Real News reports that recent internal memos indicate that last week's Republican filibuster of the Auto Bailout was likely driven by an ongoing vendetta against unions.

Hilda Solis - Champion of the American Dream

Along with the chaos of economic disaster, energy instability, and global warming, the new president will need to protect the rights of working families, and in his selection of Hilda Solis to head the Labor Department, he has chosen a true champion of universal opportunity and worker's rights. The selection of Solis, the daughter of Hispanic Immigrants, marks the third Hispanic in the Obama administration. She is a strong proponent of green jobs, labor rights, and fair-trade, and is a close ally of fellow Californian, Nancy Pelosi. Her selection was heralded by labor leaders and environmentalists.

AFL-CIO president John Sweeny:

We're thrilled at the prospect of having Rep. Hilda Solis as our nation's next labor secretary. We're confident that she will return to the labor department one of its core missions - - to defend workers' basic rights in our nation's workplaces. She's proven to be a passionate leader and advocate for all working families - - in fact, she's voted with working men and women 97 percent of the time. The AFL-CIO looks forward to working with Rep. Solis as she charts new territory for our nation's working men and women.