Jerome Armstrong

Moran's Selective Outrage

This (Friday) morning, Brian Moran appeared on the Kojo WAMU Politics Hour Show with Kojo Nnamdi. The subject of Terry McAuliffe’s fundraiser last week with the bipartisan lobbying BGR came up. According to the McAuliffe campaign’s "Terry Facts":

… Out of 11 event chairs, 10 were Democrats, including Terry's longtime friend Jonathan Mantz, who has spent his career fighting for Democratic candidates and causes. Mantz was the principal host of the event. Throughout his career in Democratic politics, Terry has built relationships with many people, both Democrat and Republican. This ability to reach across the aisle is part of what will make Terry an effective governor.

Apparently, Brian Moran doesn’t see it that way, preferring to focus on the 1 event chair who happened to be a Republican and to bash Terry McAuliffe for sharing a room with him:

Moran: Well, fundraising ties, Republican fundraising ties and this particular gentleman, by the name Ed Rogers, used some very offensive language during last year’s election. Language, that was, um, that was offensive to me as a supporter of Barack Obama. You know, that’s what gives politicians and lobbyists a bad name. I mean, here he is, he’s willing to fundraise with people who do not, um, possess our values. There was a reason we were so supportive of Barack Obama: he was bringing change, he was making sure we were investing in people, once again, and bringing change to, um, to the culture of corruption. And here’s one of my Democratic opponents joining—jumping in bed with someone that supported that. So his fundraising with that particular individual condones what that person said. I find that offensive.

So, Brian Moran claims to be outraged that Terry McAuliffe would hold a fundraiser with 10 Democrats and 1 Republican named Ed Rogers. True, Rogers was obnoxious, but was he any more obnoxious than one of Brian Moran’s OWN EMPLOYEES? As it turns out, one of the top officials (new media director) on the Moran campaign was also one of the worst bashers of both Barack Obama and Obama supporters, which he referred to derogatorily as “Obamabots.” Here are a few classics from the Jerome Armstrong encyclopedia of anti-Obama rantings and ravings: